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Sales Team Scheduler

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Sales Team Scheduler

The Sales Team Scheduler is responsible for lead generation, primarily through telephonic phone calls, but may include emails or other forms of marketing for the purposes of prospecting net new clientele. The ideal candidate will be able to generate target lists to work from, make contact with net new client prospects, set meetings for subject matter experts, and participate in other various aspects of pre-sales sales and marketing efforts.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Sales Team Scheduler Include:

  • Deliver scripted talks describing the products and services
  • Maintaining records of prospected contacts
  • Completing customer surveys to obtain information about potential customers
  • Generate targeted lead lists based on industry, market segmentation, market vertical, job function, job title and other criteria
  • Daily high-volume cold calls
  • Marketing via various email tactics including campaigns and e-mail follow up’s pertaining to cold calls
  • Manage cold call, set meetings, etc., KPI’s set forth by the company

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