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Secure, Pervasive Connectivity for the Elastic Edge

Cloud, mobile, and IoT changes are driving a transformation at the network edge. Traditional WANs are complex and inflexible – indeed, they often prevent business agility. The Software-defined WAN has emerged to address such limitations. SD-WANs offer increased flexibility, availability, and simplified business and application policies to enterprises deploying more mobile workers, more applications and resources in the cloud, and pervasive connectivity needs.

Addressing the Requirements of the Elastic Branch

Distributed InfrastructureNetCloud Manager
Network DowntimeLTE / Connection Manager
Real-time ApplicationsSmart WAN Selection
Expensive WAN ConnectionsSmart WAN Selection
Complicated VPNsDMVPN / NHRP

Elastic Edge

The WAN is transforming from fixed branch locations to an increasingly fluid and flexible network Edge — the Elastic Edge. Driven by profound trends like cloud, mobile, LTE, and IoT adoption and usage, the new WAN Edge must be more scalable, secure, reliable, automated, and agile — and it must be constantly expanding, contracting, adapting, moving, and evolving as business needs dictate.

Wireless is essential to achieving the elasticity that Connected Enterprises require. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform provides the pathway to the Elastic Edge using LTE, software-defined policy management, and orchestration to eliminate the increasing complexity of today’s WAN.

Hybrid Connectivity and Increased Availability

Today’s enterprises need to connect the edge of the network to more resources faster than ever. Workers are increasingly remote and the branch office is now usually someone at a coffee shop, airport, or hotel. Cradlepoint’s SD-WAN solution can reduce reliance on expensive and relatively slow MPLS by enabling LTE and broadband connectivity to maximize reach and connectivity.

Business and Application Policies

Dynamically steering traffic to ensure cost-effective uptime is exceedingly difficult with traditional WANs. Enterprises need to take advantage of path diversity but not at the expense of complicated management. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager, in conjunction with NetCloud OS on Cradelpoint routers, makes it easy to rapidly deploy Day-1 networks that can route traffic based on bandwidth usage, application content, or preferred link to ensure maximum availability and uptime.


Analyzing past data is essential to ensure your network grows as your business grows. NetCloud Manager enables you to see usage by client, by application, or by WAN connection so you can plan for additional capacity as needed.

Powerful Combination

NetCloud Manager offers comprehensive policy and analytics, and NetCloud OS provides numerous advanced features for pervasive connectivity.


Securing WANs is typically done with complicated VPNs that require detailed knowledge of CLI commands. Cradlepoint offers dynamic multi-point VPN on our NetCloud OS and best-in-class applications from Zscaler and Trend Micro for advanced content filtering and threat management.

The NetCloud platform makes it easy to transform your network edge and get maximum value with WAN affinity, business policies, and traffic steering.

NetCloud Platform

NetCloud consists of integrated components to enable seamless connectivity, security, management, and extensibility.

• NetCloud Manager provides a single pane of glass so you can configure, monitor and manage your connected resources from anywhere.

• NetCloud OS is our hardened router software enabling primary/failover routing and WAN traffic control as well as edge services such as firewall, IDS/IPS, and security

• NetCloud Perimeter is a software-defined, identity-based security perimeter to connect M2M and IoT devices to your network

• Built-for-purpose routers for branch, mobile, and IoT requirements

• SDK & APIs enable you to integrate and leverage Cradlepoint technologies for your own needs such as in-vehicle telemetry

“Cradlepoint’s SD-WAN solution enables enterprises to securely connect their Elastic Edge to applications and resources. Through ground-breaking features like Smart WAN Selection, application and business policies, and WAN analytics, Cradlepoint is transforming the WAN from a fragile, complicated environment to a flexible, agile one.”

-451 Research