Panasonic Grant Assistance Program

Federal and state grants are part of the budget picture for nearly every public sector agency in the country. Navigating through the grant application process requires time, patience and expertise. Many agencies are understaffed or lack experience with the entire grant application process.

As a Prime Panasonic Partner, CDCE has access to Lexipol, a grant writing agency that provides the expertise and guidance needed for successful grant applications. The agency uses an online grant finder portal to connect you with available grants, provides coaching to help you develop a robust application, as well as support once you submit your application so you are alerted as soon as your grant is funded.

No grant team to prepare your application? No problem!

Our Panasonic partnership means that you get a discount on the Lexipol grant writing service.
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CDCE can help you with:

Grantfinder Access & Grant Alerts

Grantfinder Access and Alerts

Get limited access to the Grantfinder portal to view grants available for rugged computers. Receive weekly alerts on upcoming opportunities.


Coaching & Grant Application Help

We will walk you through the entire grant-writing process from start to finish. Our experts will provide as much real-time feedback as needed.




We will continue to keep you updated on the status of your grant. You will be immediately notified as soon as the funding occurs.


Grant Writing

Grant Writing

Our grant writing experts can also provide complete, end-to-end grant writing services at a severely discounted rate.


Working in conjunction with the Lexipol team, CDCE and Panasonic will provide the technology solutions needed to make sure you have everything you need for a successful program deployment. We want to make sure that you have access to technology that advances your mission and impacts the communities that you serve.

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What Grants Are:

  • Funding to support an agency’s existing project or expanding/renewing a project
  • Competitive process
  • Lengthy process (6 – 12 months)
  • Awarded based on a compelling narrative and application
  • A legally binding contract to complete the project the funding was assigned to

What Grants Are Not:

  • Free Money
  • Awarded if not applied for
  • Funding that can be used when a need arises
  • Guaranteed funding
  • Awarded for personal expenses
  • Miscellaneous funding that can be used when a need arises
  • A loan that needs to be repaid back