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Choosing the Right Tool for the Beat: The Benefits of PC, Handheld, and Tablet Form Factors for Law Enforcement in the Field

Law enforcement agencies today have a diverse range of technology options at their disposal to enhance their capabilities in the field. From rugged PCs and handheld devices to versatile tablets, each form factor offers unique benefits that cater to the specific needs of law enforcement officers on duty. In this article, we will explore the […]

Securing IoT and Edge Devices from Intrusion

The widespread use of IoT devices at home, in enterprises, and in the workplace has been met with mixed reactions. The various innovations and several benefits of the inter-connected world have invited attackers to continuously engineer new exploits and techniques to circumvent the IoT security networks. Regardless of the threats, and for all the good […]

Police Grants 101: How and Which One to Apply

Now, more than ever, police departments need grants and funding to drive service delivery within the critical sectors. This follows the nationwide trend by several authorities to approve police budget deduction. At least 13 cities across the United States moved to defund their police departments as of August 2020, following the more than a month […]

How One Southern California Energy Company Overcame Limited Space, Ergonomics, and Operator Safety Issues Surrounding In-car Mobile Computing

Deploying mobile computing devices in field vehicles has become the norm for most energy companies. It has already been proven that implementing specialized software and rugged portable computers and tablets is a profitable investment. Most energy companies have installed the technology in their general fleet, but they are having challenges fitting the rugged mobile computing […]